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    Turbos Online offers a unique solutions, so you can get your replacement parts for your turbocharger.We courier

    the items to you.


    How it works.


    EFT :

    1. You see an item that you would like to purchase. You write down the Part number.Email of the item that you would like to purchase.

    2. A Sales consultant will deal with the purchase of your item and the required details, And invoice will be sent to you.

    3. Once the money has been reflected into the account, the item will then be delivered to you.Depending on location in South Africa, the parcel can take up to 24-48 hours



    All Replacement parts are high qulaity and have been through test to ensure that quality is the utmost importance.If you do have any further queries. Please feel free to contact us. ( )


    If an item is not on the website. Please feel free to ask what you are looking for and surely we can be of assistant to get the part for you and price.



    As for delivery of the items. We have options available such as Post office to Post office which works out , relaible ,fairly cheap deliver costs, and fast service.




    Privacy Policy :


    We recognise your need for appropriate protection and the careful management of the personal information you share with us (any information by which you can be identified, such as name, address, and telephone number). Turbosonline is entirely safe and easy to use and offers scure communication you expect.

    Furthermore, we guarantee the security of your payment and contact details you submit to our shopping basket. When you decide to make a purchase with us, the details you submit will only be used to fulfill your order. Currently, payments are done via EFT and Online Credit cards.If you have.

    If you are not satisfied with the way in which we handle your enquiry or complaint, please don't hesitate to contact us.


    Warrent Claims of all Turbochargres and Cores on Parts Sold by Turbosonline

    TURBOS ON LINE warrants all turbochargers, CHRA, and parts for a period of twelve months from date of invoice, unless otherwise endorsed in writing, subject to the following conditions.

    This warranty is limited to the cost of labour and parts necessary to rectify any defects in material and workmanship, and will in no way cover consequential loss suffered by the end user.

    TURBOS ON LINE must be notified immediately on any failure of the turbocharger or CHRA and parts.
    The turbocharger or CHRA with the compressor housing and turbine housing must be returned to us intact. As to evaluate the cause of failure. Stripped turbochargers or CHRA will void any warranty!

    All warranty considerations are at the sole discretion of TURBOS ON LINE. And subject to correct installation and operation. No other warranties, expressed or implied, are made by TURBOS ON LINE

    TURBOS ON LINE: supplies brand new replacement turbochargers, CHRA and parts. From selected high quality manufactures .  The standard warranty does not cover any turbocharger failure caused by the following.

    1/Oil contamination
    2/ Foreign impact damage
    3/ Oil starvation
    4/ High exhaust gas temperature.

    It is highly recommended to fit a new turbocharger oil feed line so as to prevent turbocharger failure. As cleaning may not be sufficient to clear the carbonized oil out which may lead to turbocharger failure.

    1/ GENERAL


    Carefully inspect the air cleaner and air cleaner duct, and the exhaust manifold for any foreign material. Objects left in these areas can severely damage the turbocharger immediately on engine startup.


    Remove old gaskets and gasket material from the exhaust manifold, and the oil supply line and oil drain line flanges. Inspect these areas for cracks, flatness or erosion.

    Inspect the oil supply and drain lines. Make sure that there are no kinks or any other type of restriction or clogging in ether line.



    This turbocharger may have bolts or nuts that have been deliberately left loose to aid in realigning the turbocharger housings if this is the case, follow these steps. Otherwise, proceed to step 3.

    Loosen the turbine and compressor housing bolts and the V-band nut (if used) the minimum required to allow free rotation of the centre section. Excessive loosening of these fasteners may cause damage to the wheels.

    Temporarily mount the turbocharger to the exhaust manifold with 2 bolts.


    Rotate the centre housing to align the oil supply and oil drain flanges or fittings with the engine oil lines. Lock the centre sections to the turbine housing by snugly tightening at least 2 of the bolts (or the V-band nut)


    Remove the turbocharger from the engine and tighten all bolts and V-band nuts to the required specifications. When tightening the bolts, alternate sides to prevent cocking the housing. When tightening the V-band nut, seat the band to the flange by lightly tapping it with a soft faced mallet while tightening the nut. Do not tighten nut past the required torque specification.

    Bend lock tabs up against each bolt if fitted, taking care not to loosen the bolts in the process.


    Install the turbocharger, taking care to insure that no dirt or foreign material enters the turbocharger openings. Use new gaskets and O-rings (where used). Do not use any sealant. At this time , do not connect the oil supply line or the air cleaner duct.

    Pro-lube the turbocharger by pouring clean engine oil into the oil inlet hole of the turbocharger. With your fingers. Spin the compressor wheel several times to coat the turbocharger bearings with oil.

    Connect the oil supply line and air cleaner duct.
    Check for proper sump oil level.

    With the fuel shut off to prevent engine start up. Crank the engine for 10-15 seconds, or until the gauge shows an oil pressure build up.

    Start the engine and let it idel for 5-10 minutes. Do not rev the engine during this time.
    Check the installation for any oil leaks.